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GIC exists to serve the insurance industry with geospatial support and data collected annually as well as to first responders in disaster situations.


Fast, accurate, and cost-efficient decision making.


"Gray Sky" Disaster Response

GIC high-resolution aerial imagery is rapidly accessible to first responders, humanitarian organizations, and federal and state agencies, providing them with actionable insight into the situation on the ground.

Funded by the GIC consortium of insurers, this support is provided to help responders assist those in need and save lives during and after disaster events.

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"Blue Sky" Annual Imagery

GIC national and metro maps provide situational awareness into properties and locations critical to your business. Data is collected on an annual basis using leading edge sensor technology for the most current, diverse and highly detailed data available for accurate property assessments for every address in the US.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements to allow for automated and accurate desktop-based replacement cost estimates. Immediate post-catastrophe response times are minimized, leading to lower operating costs and assisting policyholders to recover more quickly.

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Partner Network

GIC-vetted and certified partners for custom integration, applications and analytics at GIC member preferred rates. 

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