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Here is a nice story looking at how Travelers is using aerial imagery and mapping to service customers more quickly during catastrophic events like the California wildfires. Access to imagery during and following these events allows travelers  to expedite claims, even in areas  that are not physically accessible to inspectors.

By overlaying the data on maps marking its customers’ locations, the company can quickly identify those who are likely to have been affected, said Jim Wucherpfennig, Travelers vice president of claims. Workers were able to see what roads were open and map out spots in Chico and Thousand Oaks to park the RVs that serve as mobile claim centers

read the full article at InsuranceJournal.

Gray Sky, News
With the California fires still spreading, there has been a lot of media coverage of the events with a number of organizations relying on the GIC for imagery for use in print and broadcast.

USA Today featured hi resolution imagery from the GIC as well as a quote from NICB’s Jim Schweitzer in a story focused on the hardship many California homeowners will face in the wake of the fires. The story was in the online edition November 13 and then featured on the front page of the November 14 print edition.

ABC 7 featured the GIC Web Map App before/after slider tool in their evening news segment demonstrating how entire homes have been destroyed in the fires. 

In this two minute Fox News segment, the before/after viewer is featured prominently, providing viewers a new perspective on the destruction as the reporter onsite takes them down the street. 

Gray Sky, News
Today we published Colored Infrared (CIR) imagery for the Thousand Oaks region. Over the next few days we will publish CIR for the remainder of the Woolsey fire as well as the Campfire in Northern California.

CIR imagery is useful in some cases to determine structural damage and to identify vegetation around structures. You can toggle this layer on and off quite easily with the Layer List in the NICB application:

At the bottom of the window, press the Layer List icon highlighted here

In the Layer list, Check ‘Gray Sky 2018 Color Infrared’ as shown here.

That’s it! you can return to the layer list to toggle it off at any time.

Gray Sky, News
For many, this simple tip might be old news. But for many others it could provide a huge productivity boost. In the GIC web application, in addition to searching for a location by street address, you can also search by latitude/longitude coordinate. Coordinates are most commonly represented in databases as decimal degrees. If you have a pair of numbers like 34.20153, -118.680375 you have a valid latitude, longitude coordinate that you can search on. Simply paste the coordinate into the search box and hit Enter, and you are taken to that precise coordinate.

Give it a try now by visiting our Web app, pasting 34.20153, -118.680375 into the search box, and hit Enter.

Here’s an additional tip. Mapping sites like Bing Maps and Google maps make it easy to get the coordinate for any place on Earth by right-clicking on the map. In fact in Bing, after right-clicking, they show the latitude/longitude coordinate and provide a convenient ‘copy’ link to put it on the clipboard, ready to paste into the search box in the GIC web application.