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Expanding to Australia and New Zealand. 

The Geospatial Intelligence Centre is launching its program into Australia and New Zealand and will now bring its location intelligence solutions to insurers across both countries. 
This program will provide insurance companies with access to one of the most advanced aerial imaging libraries and geospatial data available today. With this intelligence, insurers can expedite claims processing through rapid, remote post-disaster property assessments, gain actionable insight into property risks and conditions with up-to-date digital maps, and streamline underwriting operations.

GIC will begin its launch with the collection of ultra-high resolution imagery of the 12 largest metropolitan areas, which totals 23,000 sq. kilometers. 

This includes 45-degree oblique images that provide a 360-degree view of any property. This imagery will enable insurers to keep up with changes in policyholders’ properties through remote assessments, ultimately saving both time and money spent on-site inspections.  
GIC Products
Vertical Imagery

Offers a straight-down aerial view of properties and locations, providing keen insight into rooftops and property surrounding.

GIC Products
Oblique Imagery

Provides a 45° perspective of properties and locations from all four cardinal directions, allowing viewers to see not only the top of objects but the sides in great detail.

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