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Streamlined & Smarter Underwriting

Keener Insight Into Property Conditions

The GIC offers the most comprehensive, diverse and detailed imagery collection along with tools and analytics for keener insight into property condition. Combined with historical data of a surrounding area, predictive analysis can be made for deeper understanding of underwriting risk.

The result is streamlined underwriting, allowing you to better serve your customers while reducing operating costs.
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Annual Imagery Program                

Underwriters need a clear picture of the condition of properties and of surrounding areas when writing policies. The GIC Annual Imagery Program offers high-resolution vertical and oblique aerial imagery of the highest clarity and detail. Sharp, noise-free, high-resolution imagery is captured for the entire continental US every other year. Collections for top US metropolitan areas are repeated annually to provide the most current imagery and data available.
GIC members benefit from current and homogeneous imagery captured using the same sensors, same production workflow and of the same resolution.
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