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Gray Sky Response

Rapid, Remote, Accurate, Claims & Investigations

Quick & Accurate Catastrophic Property Assessments

The GIC "Gray Sky" program allows your Claims teams to make remote, rapid and accurate catastrophe property assessments, to reduce costs while better serving your customers.

Our disaster response support begins with 24/7 monitoring of potential disaster events and direct updates to GIC members. When disaster strikes, and as flying conditions permit, the GIC immediately mobilizes assets to the scene. Within 24-hours of aircraft landing, ultra-high resolution vertical and 360° oblique imagery are available to GIC members along with tools to provide rapid insight into damaged properties and remote desktop claims.
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Following a Gray Sky event, the GIC provides high-resolution vertical imagery of impacted areas. Vertical Imagery gives claims adjusters and investigators a broad view of properties and surroundings for immediate insight into the geographical boundaries of the event and the extent of properties impacted. Meanwhile, full rooftop views allow for a clearer understanding of damage and simplifies remote measurements and assessments. 

Oblique imagery is typically also captured and provide a bird’s eye view of property facades and entrances, allowing for remote inspection of all sides of a property.
Tools & Analytics
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Post-disaster imagery is published to the GIC Web Map Portal where users can search for properties by location, visualize damage to properties, make pre- and post-event comparisons, and take measurements for claims adjustments. 

Accurate, mapping quality aerial imagery enables advanced analytics to take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements to allow for automated damage classification. Immediate post-catastrophe response times are minimized, leading to lower operating costs and assisting policyholders to recover more quickly.
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