Wheels Up in Florida

Coalition aircraft are in the air working on completion of 6″ nadir imagery collection Tampa/BayonetPoint and 3″ nadir/oblique collection of the Keys. Additional aircraft are staged for other areas of interest (AOI), waiting for clouds to clear. Reported by Quantum Spatial, Keystone Aerial Surveys, The Sanborn Map Company   >>

Collection Progress Update over Multiple AOIs

Two aircraft have completed their UltraCam Eagle 3″/6″ nadir missions and are leaving the collection effort.  A wide-area Condor-equipped aircraft, and an oblique Osprey-equipped aircraft remain on mission to finish Sebring/Orlando (Condor/6″ nadir), and Okeechobee (Osprey/3″ oblique) AOIs.  No progress today due to weather. Reported by Sanborn >>