Watch List – Ohio River & Kentucky – Flooding

This morning we are watching developments in Kentucky where a state of emergency has been declared due to heavy rainfall and flooding. We will keep you posted via this site as events develop. If there are specific areas of interest for GIC members please let us know at >>

Watch list – Flooding – LaSalle County, Illinois

We are tracking a flood evacuation in LaSalle Country, Illinois. Some local news coverage is This is not yet a “Gray Sky” event i.e. we are not planning to fly in this area – but we are closely monitoring the situation. If you are a GIC Member please let us know if there are addresses >>

Florida Windstorm – Winter Storm Liam

This is a brief update that we are closely monitoring the ongoing wind storm in Florida and other areas as well as monitoring Winter Storm Liam for possible Gray Sky / CAT response issues. Please let us know at if there are specific regions that should be on our figurative radar.   >>