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Tools & Analytics

Visual Tools & Automated Processes

Powerful Tools For Faster Decisions

The GIC partners with Esri and other leading technology vendors to offer cloud based applications for visualizing imagery and extracting measurements and other insights critical to underwriting, claims and investigation teams. 

Spatial analytics take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements to allow for automated and accurate desktop-based replacement cost estimates. Immediate post-catastrophe response times are minimized, leading to lower operating costs and assisting policyholders to recover more quickly.

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CAT Response Inspector

  • Review multiple images from each site at different angles (nadir & oblique) 
  • Quickly, safely, and cost-effectively conduct precise site inspections
  • Expedite claims adjudication 
  • Enhance fraud prevention
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Remote Desktop Adjustments

  • Measure Impacts
  • Inform Replacement Estimates
  • Claim Level Detail
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Portfolio Analysis

  • Overlay internal business data onto imagery to streamline underwriting workflows and increase situational awareness
  • Identify potentially underinsured policyholders
  • Quickly validate property listed on policy applications
  • Quantify the severity of loss in property or assets
  • Accurately triage claims handling
  • Rapidly Understand Exposure
  • Analyze reported claims vs. portfolio
  • Reduce claims processing time
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GIC Web Map Portal/Public Viewer

  • Exploit GIC high-resolution imagery through  ArcGIS Online based GIC Map Web Portal. A cloud service, ArcGIS provides instant access to image updates and allows you to compare side-by-side pre- and post-disaster time-stamped imagery, view oblique imagery from all 4 cardinal directions, take measurements, layer georeferenced PIFs and other location-based content, and perform spatial analytics using built in trends data.
  • Allow your customers to gain insight to potential property damage from catastrophic events.
  • Enhance the customer experience by allowing the customer-user to find their address and easily compare pre-post imagery.
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Building Footprints

  • Algorithms built from artificial intelligence provide automated building footprint data that can be used in any geocoding, reverse geocoding, and location technology, to support applications across insrance 

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Automated Damage Classification

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms locate all property and assess the insured damages.
  • Insurer-specific definition of damage classes .
  • Tailored claims classification for all damaged properties 6-10 days post-cat.

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Automated Feature Extraction

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow for detection and identification of property features such as swimming pools, trampolines, solar panels, that impact underwriting risk.  
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