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NICB GIC exists to serve the insurance industry with geospatial support and data collected annually as well as to first responders in disaster situations.

Vertical Imagery

Vertical imagery offers a straight-down aerial view of properties and locations, providing keen insight into rooftops and property surroundings, and at-a-glance situational awareness of large scale catastrophe scenarios such as city-wide flooding. 

The GIC uses the most advanced aerial camera systems available to provide the clearest, most detailed and accurate vertical imagery. Our Annual Imagery program produces high-resolution vertical imagery of the entire US as well as ultra-high resolution imagery of top US metropolitan areas.

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Oblique Imagery

Oblique imagery provides a 45° perspective of properties and locations from all four cardinal directions, allowing viewers to see and measure not only the top of objects but the sides as well. The GIC offers high-resolution oblique imagery for the top US metro areas and in our disaster response when properties have sustained damage due to catastrophe.

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Streetside Data

The GIC is the only organization offering both aerial and street level data! Using the highest caliber mobile mapping system on the market, the GIC collects high-resolution panoramic imagery and 3D data of street scenery. As part of our disaster response program, street level data provides deeper understanding of catastrophe ravaged areas beyond even what can gained from aerial views.  

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Imagery Derivatives

From our aerial imagery, we produce and offer value-add data products. This includes 3D data products such as dense point clouds, digital surface models (DSM), and 3D meshes to model elevation, and geometrically corrected ortho maps.

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Tools & Analytics

Post-disaster imagery is published to the GIC Web Map Portal where users can search for properties by location, visualize damage to properties, make pre- and post-event comparisons, and take measurements for claims adjustments

Advanced analytics take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements to allow for automated and accurate desktop-based replacement cost estimates. Immediate post-catastrophe response times are minimized, leading to lower operating costs and assisting policyholders to recover more quickly.

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Application Use Cases