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Planning – Iowa tornadoes
Quick note that we are flight planning for tornadoes that hit Iowa on July 19th. If you have interest in an area please email us at >>

News and Updates

Additional Okeechobee Imagery on Web App
Additional 3″ nadir/oblique imagery for Okeechobee has been added to the GIC web map application.   Reported by Esri. >>
All Okeechobee Blocks Collected, Processed and Uploaded
All 3″ nadir/oblique data for Okeechobee AOIs (North, North 1, South 1-3) have been collected, processed and uploaded and are queued for publishing. Reported by The Sanborn Map Company. >>
Addtional Imagery Added to GIC Map Application
More 3″ nadir/oblique data for Okeechobee, Key West, and Fort Lauderdale is now available on the GIC Web Map. Reported by ESRI >>
Okeechobee Upload Progress Update
More imagery has been uploaded to the Okeechobee North 1, and Okeechobee South 1/2/3 AOIs.  This completes the collection effort for all but the South 2 AOI.  More notifications to follow when the data is available on the GIC Web Viewer. Reported by Sanborn Mapping >>
Additional Data Processed and Uploaded
3″ nadir/oblique data for Okeechobee and Key West has been processed and uploaded for publishing to the GIC web app. This completes processing of Key West data. Reported by The Sanborn Map Company. >>
Okeechobee 3″ Nadir/Oblique Acquisition Progress
Okeechobee North 1 area has been completed and flight lines 1-6 of Okeechobee South 1 were collected today. Current status for Okeechobee is Areas completed: North, North 1, South 1 and South 3 South 2 is currently missing just two lines. Reported by the Sanborn Map Company. >>
Addtional Imagery Added to GIC Map Application
The GIC Web Map has been updated with additional 3″ nadir/oblique for Miami and Keys West. Reported by Esri. >>
Additional Keys West Imagery Uploaded
Last gaps in the 3″ nadir/oblique aerial acquisition of the Keys West were collected, processed and uploaded for publishing Reported by The Sanborn Map Company. >>
Progress for Okeechobee AOIs
Crews are down in Florida due to weather. Collections will continue Thursday, September 28. Current progress of 3″ nadir/oblique collection is seen in image, noting that green denotes completed flight lines and grey indicates remaining flight lines. Reported by The Sanborn Map Company. >>
Progress for Okeechobee South Collect
The majority of the Okeechobee South area of interest (AOI) has been collected at 3″ nadir/oblique imagery. Reported by The Sanborn Map Company >>


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Event Summary

Hurricane Irma is a tropical cyclone that recently made landfall in the U.S. state of Florida as a major hurricane, and was the most intense Atlantic hurricane observed in over a decade. It is also the most intense hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005, and the first major hurricane to hit the state of Florida since Wilma in 2005. The storm caused catastrophic damage in the island of Barbuda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane. The storm hammered South Florida with rain and wind before twice making landfall and then tore apart homes, flooded the Keys and swelled rivers as it moved northward.

The Coalition

The coalition that came together under the direction of Vexcel Imaging to provide response in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has mobilized to Florida to provide aerial imagery support there in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The coalition has grown, adding additional aircraft and all using UltraCam sensor systems for highest quality and most accurate imagery available to rapidly collect, process and transfer imagery of those regions in Florida most impacted by Irma’s intense winds, torrential rains and ensuing floods.