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Watchlist – Wind and Tornados in the Southeast
We are watching the damage from wind and tornados in the Southeast and working to get coverage as soon as the weather clears. At the moment it looks like we will have one day of open weather on Thursday. If you have an interest or a suggested AOI please let us know at >>

News and Updates

Watchlist – Santa Barbara, CA – Mudslides
We’ve been alerted to potential mudslides in Santa Barbara. With the current clouds and rain the soonest we could fly is likely Friday March 23rd. We will keep watching this item and provide updates as we get closer. >>
Watchlist – East Coast
Like many people we are closely watching weather on the East Coast. We are defining the Areas of Interest (AOIs) this week with plans to fly as soon as the weather clears. If your team has specific areas to consider please let us know at >>
Watch List – Ohio River & Kentucky – Flooding
This morning we are watching developments in Kentucky where a state of emergency has been declared due to heavy rainfall and flooding. We will keep you posted via this site as events develop. If there are specific areas of interest for GIC members please let us know at >>
Watch list – Flooding – LaSalle County, Illinois
We are tracking a flood evacuation in LaSalle Country, Illinois. Some local news coverage is This is not yet a “Gray Sky” event i.e. we are not planning to fly in this area – but we are closely monitoring the situation. If you are a GIC Member please let us know if there are addresses >>
Florida Windstorm – Winter Storm Liam
This is a brief update that we are closely monitoring the ongoing wind storm in Florida and other areas as well as monitoring Winter Storm Liam for possible Gray Sky / CAT response issues. Please let us know at if there are specific regions that should be on our figurative radar.   >>
CA Mudslide Data Online
New imagery of the CA mudslides are being populated on the web map. Link to this map extent in the responder maps environment: This data can also be found in the public maps area. Reported by ESRI >>
CA Mudslide Area of Interest (AOI)
Quick update: we have flown two flights to collect data – we are working through a few processing issues but expect data available Tuesday. Above is the AOI flown for Santa Barbara. If there are other areas of concern in this area please let us know at >>
CA Mudslide Imagery coming shortly
We have finished one round of collection with another round incoming – we expect data to be available over the weekend. >>
Thomas Wildfire imagery round 2 is online
With clear flying whether last week we were able to capture clear images from the Thomas Wildfires in Ventura, CA. Please use this link and your standard NICB/GIC credentials for access. We will post more example data online in the coming days. Also if you are a GIC member and interested in raw data access please >>
Ventura, CA wildfires scheduled for re-flight Dec 20th
With the skies finally starting to clear over Ventura, CA we are tentatively scheduled to fly an expanded Area of Interest (AOI) tomorrow, December 20th. If all goes according to plan we will have data available by end-of-week if not sooner. For comments or questions please send email to >>


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Event Summary

On December 5th 2017 an intense wildfire broke out in Ventura County, California. The fire has currently consumed at least 81,000 acres and is still not contained.

The Coalition

Responding to wildfires burning in Northern California, the NICB GIC and Vexcel Imaging are partnering with Esri, and The Sanborn Map Company to rapidly acquire, process and publish to a web viewer, high-resolution aerial views of areas impacted by the fires. The coalition’s efforts will assist first responders, humanitarian organizations, federal and state agencies, and insurers by providing them with high-resolution imagery that will provide actionable insight into the situation on the ground.