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Planning – Iowa tornadoes
Quick note that we are flight planning for tornadoes that hit Iowa on July 19th. If you have interest in an area please email us at >>

News and Updates

Spring Fire, Colorado – watchlist
As the Spring Fire expands to 56,000 acres we are closely monitoring damage and making plans to fly for this fire. As a GIC member if you have interest in this area please reach out via   >>
Flight schedule for Tinder Fire in Arizona
We are watching the weather and smoke conditions for the Tinder wildfire in Arizona. Right now our likely collection days are either Friday May 5th or Tuesday May 8th. The primary consideration factor is when the smoke has cleared enough to get useful images. More updates as conditions develop. >>
Watchlist – Tinder Fire in Arizona
We are actively monitoring the Tinder Fire in Arizona. At this time there is a flight restriction in the area but we are in contact with Air Traffic Control and are planning to fly as soon as the flight restriction is lifted and we can get images that aren’t completely occluded by clouds. We will >>
Oklahoma Wildfire – Watch List
We are tracking the wildfire currently burning in Oklahoma. You can find some early news reports Damage so far appears minimal although with 1,400 residents evacuated we are monitoring the situation closely. >>
Xenia, OH – Tornado Damage Imagery Available
The tornado that swept through Xenia, OH damaged numerous barns, homes, and caused significant tree fall damage. You can find one example here (GIC member credentials required). >>
Tornado coverage in Xenia, OH
Update: the weather currently looks difficult to fly, plane is standing by for clearance. If we cannot fly today we will aim for April 05.   This morning we are starting coverage in Xenia, OH for recent tornado damage. The intended Area of Interest (AOI) is the shaded area in the image below. >>
Updated – Atlanta, Baltimore, and Louisville
While we are still waiting for data from the recent Alabama hailstorms we have early data coming from other recent storm areas: Southwest Atlanta Baltimore Louisville >>
Watchlist – Santa Barbara, CA – Mudslides
We’ve been alerted to potential mudslides in Santa Barbara. With the current clouds and rain the soonest we could fly is likely Friday March 23rd. We will keep watching this item and provide updates as we get closer. >>
Watchlist – East Coast
Like many people we are closely watching weather on the East Coast. We are defining the Areas of Interest (AOIs) this week with plans to fly as soon as the weather clears. If your team has specific areas to consider please let us know at >>
Watch List – Ohio River & Kentucky – Flooding
This morning we are watching developments in Kentucky where a state of emergency has been declared due to heavy rainfall and flooding. We will keep you posted via this site as events develop. If there are specific areas of interest for GIC members please let us know at >>


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Event Summary

On December 5th 2017 an intense wildfire broke out in Ventura County, California. The fire has currently consumed at least 81,000 acres and is still not contained.

The Coalition

Responding to wildfires burning in Northern California, the NICB GIC and Vexcel Imaging are partnering with Esri, and The Sanborn Map Company to rapidly acquire, process and publish to a web viewer, high-resolution aerial views of areas impacted by the fires. The coalition’s efforts will assist first responders, humanitarian organizations, federal and state agencies, and insurers by providing them with high-resolution imagery that will provide actionable insight into the situation on the ground.