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Carr Wildfire Collection in Progress
Though smoke is still present and a Temporary Flying Restriction (TFR) is still in place, the GIC crew is today attempting image collection of the Carr area impacted by the wildfire. Updates will be posted as they develop. >>

News and Updates

Lynchburg, Virginia dam – watchlist
We are closely monitoring the Lynchburg, Virginia dam / flooding situation. As we prepare for coverage as needed please send any requests or updates to — Paul >>
Carr wildfire – being collected 30-July
Quick update that we are starting collection on the Carr wildfire. Given the safety concerns and current conditions we will only be able to fly as low as 8,000 feet. Our current plan is to collect today and then collect again when conditions allow a lower altitude flight. >>
Marshalltown, Pella Iowa – tornado images are up.
Initial imagery for Marshalltown and Pella, Iowa are available to GIC members (credentials required). Marshalltown is here. The heavily damaged Vermeer plant in Pella can be found here. Two notes: There was significant cloud cover over Marshalltown during the flight. We are working to remove as much cloud cover and fix the zoom in/out capability >>
Iowa being collected, Carr Wildfire in California on watchlist
Brief update on GIC happenings: The collection for Marshalltown and Pella, Iowa was delayed first by weather and then second by mechanical issues as the plane was collecting. We are collecting today 27-Jul and expect data no later than Monday morning. We are watching the Carr Wildfire in California near Redding. If you have input >>
Marshalltown & Pella, Iowa – collection delayed
Unfortunately due to a mechanical issue we were unable to collect imagery on Tuesday. The updated plan calls for: Collection Wednesday Data arrives and is processed Thursday Data is available early Friday If this schedule changes we will provide updates. >>
Marshalltown and Pella – being collected today
The weather is clear and we are flying in support of the tornadoes that damaged Marshalltown and Pella. We anticipate data being available via the portal on Thursday 26-Jul. We plan to fly Bondurant 25-Jul as damage appears lower there.   >>
Marshalltown & Pella, Iowa – on weather hold
Clouds are sitting at 2000 feet and keeping planes grounded. There is a possible weather break Sunday afternoon – if we see clear skies at 3500 feet we will get a plane up and start collecting. Next update Sunday end-of-day >>
Marshalltown and Pella, Iowa – waiting for a weather break
We are planning to fly in Iowa after the tornadoes earlier this week. The crews are on station and just waiting for a weather break to start the collection. >>
Spring Fire, Colorado – watchlist
As the Spring Fire expands to 56,000 acres we are closely monitoring damage and making plans to fly for this fire. As a GIC member if you have interest in this area please reach out via   >>
Flight schedule for Tinder Fire in Arizona
We are watching the weather and smoke conditions for the Tinder wildfire in Arizona. Right now our likely collection days are either Friday May 5th or Tuesday May 8th. The primary consideration factor is when the smoke has cleared enough to get useful images. More updates as conditions develop. >>


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Event Summary

On December 5th 2017 an intense wildfire broke out in Ventura County, California. The fire has currently consumed at least 81,000 acres and is still not contained.

The Coalition

Responding to wildfires burning in Northern California, the NICB GIC and Vexcel Imaging are partnering with Esri, and The Sanborn Map Company to rapidly acquire, process and publish to a web viewer, high-resolution aerial views of areas impacted by the fires. The coalition’s efforts will assist first responders, humanitarian organizations, federal and state agencies, and insurers by providing them with high-resolution imagery that will provide actionable insight into the situation on the ground.